Design & Comfort

STARRAY features a modern design that combines dynamic body lines, futuristic styling, and advanced technology.

From its bold front fascia to the eye-catching taillight, every aspect of STARRAY has been carefully crafted to create a truly one-of-a-kind driving experience.

Design Concept

STARRAY embodies the cutting-edge design philosophy of 'Vision Starburst', seamlessly blending futuristic aesthetics with advanced digital technology.

The car's sleek lines, fluid curves, and visual motifs showcase the fusion of traditional design elements with modern digital innovations, creating a truly unique and captivating visual experience for consumers.

STARRAY's LED headlights not only provide a sleek and sophisticated look, but they also significantly improve visibility and safety on the road.


The LED headlights produce brighter and more consistent light, ensuring optimal visibility when driving at night or in low-light conditions.



Experience the perfect blend of style and sophistication with the 20-inch silver & black wheels.


The silver and black colors meet to offer a strong visual impact of the car, like the glittering cut of diamonds.



The rear spoiler's distinctive shape and angle create a bold statement that accentuates the car's modern design.



The LED Taillight with its connected light stripe showcases a futuristic design, casting a calm and modern aesthetic, making it a standout vision in traffic.


STARRAY brings you a comfortable experience for every journey. The spacious cabin, the premium seats, and the central control screen, are all built to ensure a seamless and enjoyable driving experience.
Beauty in Touch
Experience a New Realm of Space and Comfort

Experience a gentle embrace with the spacious front area and premium seats, setting a serene scene for your travels.

Comfortable seats and ample legroom in the rear space make every journey a calm experience.

With a generous trunk, carry all you need and more for a hassle-free journey.

Seamless Control, Smart Interactions
Navigate with ease using the 13.2-inch central control screen, offering a smooth, and intelligent experience.
Starray central screen
Luxury Private Space
Experience the ergonomic design and individual control of the headrest audio system for an immersive audio journey.
Starray headrest audio system
Intuitive Dashboard
Navigate with ease through the sleek, intuitive layout of the dashboard, bringing essential information and control into a refined visual harmony
Starray dashboard
Symphony on Wheels

INFINITY Speakers invite you into a concert hall experience, delivering high-quality, professional sound that harmonizes with your journey.

STARRAY's performance brings you pleasure and enjoyment in your journey. The 2.0T engine, paired with the 7DCT gear shift, delivers an unparalleled driving sensation that'll leave you craving more.

STARRAY is equipped with the 2.0TD engine that boasts a robust output of 218hp of power and 325 Nm of torque.

But it's not only about the power because we have optimized the 2.0TD engine to have high energy efficiency, so you can enjoy the thrill of driving without worrying about the cost.

New Coolray Leishen Power Engine

STARRAY is equipped with the new generation of the wet dual-clutch transmission 7DCT.

With a transmission efficiency of 98% and a shift speed of just 0.2 seconds, this transmission is designed to deliver maximum performance and responsiveness, making it the perfect choice for urban and non-urban working conditions.

New Coolray 7DCT Transmission


Max. Torque


2 Wheel Drive
We have equipped STARRAY with the state-of-the-art technology that prioritizes your protection on every journey.

STARRAY boasts a comprehensive array of safety features that will keep watch over you and your passengers, ensuring a secure and worry-free ride.

The steel frame provides unparalleled protection for occupants, thanks to its 32000Nm/┬░torsional durability. In the event of a collision, the steel frame absorbs and distributes forces efficiently, minimizing the impact on passengers.

The 6 airbags are strategically placed throughout the vehicle, and provide comprehensive coverage, both in the front and back seats.

Adaptive Cruise Control

STARRAY's adaptive cruise control (ACC) is designed to make driving more convenient and safe, with features like automatic acceleration and deceleration, and the ability to follow other vehicles at a safe distance.

Automatic Emergency Braking

The Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) will help to prevent collision and protects you and your passengers from potential harm.

This feature is especially useful in situations where a pedestrian or animal suddenly steps into the road, or when another vehicle cuts off your path unexpectedly.

By acting quickly and decisively, AEB can help mitigate the consequences of an accident and save lives.

Lane Departure Warning

The Lane Departure Warning (LDW) helps prevent accidents caused by drifting out of lanes, keeping you and your passengers safe on the road.

When activated, LDW uses cameras installed on the windshield to monitor the lane markings on the road. If the system detects that the vehicle has drifted out of its lane without the turn signal being engaged, it will alert the driver with visual, audible, or haptic warnings.

This prompts the driver to take corrective action and steer the vehicle back into its lane, reducing the risk of collisions caused by lane departure.

Highway Driving Assist

The Highway Driving Assist (HWA) feature is designed to enhance safety and convenience during highway driving by utilizing advanced sensor fusion technology to monitor the vehicle's surroundings and adjust its speed accordingly.

In addition to adaptive cruise control, the HWA feature also includes lane centering and lane changing assist functions. The HWA feature is also integrated with other ADAS features, such as Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR), to provide a more comprehensive view of the driving environment.


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