Embark on a Journey: Xian to Beijing with Geely Auto
Join us on a visual ride through our memorable trip with our esteemed guests from Kazakhstan, the Philippines, Costa Rica, Mexico, Kuwait, and Azerbaijan.

From April 23rd to April 28th 2024, Geely Auto had the pleasure of hosting a selected group of guests for an extraordinary adventure in China.


Starting in the historic city of Xian, we explored the roots of our manufacturing excellence and marveled at ancient Terracotta Warriors and the city.


The trip culminated in the bustling metropolis of Beijing, where we attended the prestigious Beijing Auto Show, showcasing the latest innovations and designs.


During the trip, we had the pleasure of recognizing our guests with a special honor — the 'Geely Value Guardian' certificate. This accolade is awarded to those who exemplify and uphold the values we cherish as a brand, celebrating their role not just as guests, but as part of our extended global family.

Xian: Where History Meets Modern Innovation
Delve into the cradle of Chinese civilization, from our state-of-the-art factory to the ancient culture of Xian.
Voices from the Journey: Our Guests Share their Stories