OKAVANGO's design pushes the boundaries of possibilities with its merging lines, structure, and space, that create an expansive modern aesthetic.

Bold external details

Cosmic recall grille

Double track roof rails

Intelligent multi-dimensional exterior rearview mirrors

Firm & powerful exterior


Through-Type Center Console

The industrial style dashboard is widened to echo the infinity-inspired air vent design which contributes to the sense of vast space. The floating door handle and the center console are self-contained, in order to provide a good amount of space in the driver's cockpit. A culmination of function and form which gives you a concise and elegant feel.

Panoramic Sunroof

A 60-inch panoramic sunroof made from light and ultraviolet resistant glass which will let you and your passengers experience a different kind of the sky above.

Premium Interior Materials

OKAVANGO is covered with premium leather materials to provide a comfortable and luxurious riding experience.

Double-Layered Central Channel Design

The unique center console design has upper and lower layers for more flexible interior space. The flat upper layer integrates the electronic gear lever, driving mode selector and other control functions. Designed to converge technology and practicality that will provide you more space and easy access to features.


Geely's largest SUV has an industry-leading space utilization rate that maximizes interior space. The 7 seats can be fully folded, providing an expansive yet functional loading space.
2050L huge loading space
2.2m ultra-long leveling space
OKAVANGO features an expansive yet functional loading space. The 7 seats can be fully folded, which will give you 2050L of maximum storage space while the interior space can be measured up to 2.2M which is equivalent to a king-sized bed. 
3-row wide space
7 independent VIP seats
ultra-long leveling space
Okavango interior
7 Independent Seats
Second Row Space
Third Row Space
Intelligent 3 Zones AC
Okavango Independent Seats - M
Okavango Second Row Space - M
Okavango Third Row Seats - M
Okavango Intelligent 3 Zone AC - M
7 Independent Seats

Seven seats that may be individually changed to suit the needs of various situations when combined with 19 distinct flexible space configurations.

Second Row Space

The second row seats have the largest leg space of up to 1 meter.

Third Row Space

The third row seats have enough headroom for an adult who is 1.9 meters tall.

Intelligent 3 Zones AC

To maintain a constant temperature within the car, there are three independent regulators available at the driver's seat, front passenger seat, and back seat that can each control and change the power output separately based on the set temperature.


Safety and technology in OKAVANGO have been elevated to include passenger health and sustainability.
Safety Features
OKAVANGO is built with safety in mind. With 6 airbags and a strong steel body structure, it can protect its occupants in case of an accident. The 360 degree panoramic camera can help you to see what is happening around the car and avoid collisions when maneuvering and parking.
4 Airbags+2 curtain airbags
360 degree HD panoramic camera
BOSCH 9.3 Electronic Stability Program
1500+MPa high-strength steel


With the powertrain consisting of a 1.5L TDI engine, a 7 wet dual-clutch transmission, and the 48V electric motor synergy, you will get off the line with a silky motion and enjoy a quiet and powerful performance that makes driving pleasant.
The 48V Electric Motor Synergy will reduce consumption levels and give you a more pleasant and dynamic driving experience.
1.5T Engine
With the 1.5 Turbo Charged Direct Injection Engine, you'll get the power you need with none of the lag. The turbine intervenes at 1000 rpm, and with an early power burst, the car will have more power in a more linear way.
1.5TD Engine
The 7 Wet Dual-Clutch Transmission can provide improved transmission efficiency with its high speed shift capability.
7DCT Transmission
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