Experience the ultimate driving performance with NEW COOLRAY.

With its powerful engine and advanced fuel-saving technology, you'll be able to go further, faster than ever before.



At the heart of the NEW COOLRAY lies the BMA platform - a new modular architecture chassis that's engineered to deliver the ultimate driving experience.


This innovative platform is built to prioritize handling performance, giving you a smoother, more comfortable driving experience no matter where the road takes you. The BMA platform ensures that every aspect of NEW COOLRAY is optimized for maximum performance and control.

New Coolray BMA

NEW COOLRAY is equipped with the powerful 1.5TD four-cylinder engine, delivering an explosive reaction to acceleration that will leave you breathless.

With a maximum power of 133kW/172hp and a maximum torque of 290N·m, this car can go from 0 to 100 km/h in just 7.6 seconds. And with fuel consumption of only 5.8 liters per 100 km, you can enjoy all the thrills of driving without sacrificing fuel economy.

New Coolray Leishen Power Engine

NEW COOLRAY is equipped with the new generation of the wet dual-clutch transmission 7DCT.


With a transmission efficiency of 98% and a shift speed of just 0.2 seconds, this transmission is designed to deliver maximum performance and responsiveness, making it the perfect choice for urban working conditions.

New Coolray 7DCT Transmission


Experience the perfect combination of style and substance with NEW COOLRAY's design.

The sleek lines, and bold style are a perfect reflection of its young personality.


New Coolray Side
New Coolray Front Grille
New Coolray Headlight
New Coolray Wheels
New Coolray LED Taillight
New Coolray Rear Spoiler
Motor Racing Pipe

Featuring a dark black finish and Geely's brand-new "energy storm" design, this grille is the perfect complement to the car's sleek and modern exterior. With a youthful and dynamic feel, the energy storm design is like a violent energy field bursting out, conveying a sense of speed and power that's sure to catch the eye.


Experience the road like never before with NEW COOLRAY's advanced LED headlights. With their bright and precise illumination, these headlights provide exceptional visibility and clarity, even in the darkest conditions. And with their sleek and modern design, they're the perfect complement to the car's stylish exterior.


With their bold and dynamic tomahawk-inspired design and sport calipers that turn red when sharply decelerating, these wheels are the perfect complement to the car's powerful and young exterior.


With their bright and precise illumination, these taillights provide exceptional visibility and clarity, making it easier than ever to stay safe and visible on the road.


Experience the perfect blend of style and performance with NEW COOLRAY's rear sport spoiler. With its sleek and modern design and aerodynamic shape, this spoiler not only enhances the car's overall look, but also improves its handling and performance, making it the perfect choice for any driving enthusiast.


These stylish and functional exhaust pipes are the perfect complement to the car's powerful engine, and deliver an unmatched driving experience that you won't forget.

Energy Awakening Interiors
NEW COOLRAY's interior design and features elevate and energize your driving experience. From the dashboard to the comfortable seats, every detail is crafted for your comfort and driving enjoyment.
Multi-function Steering Wheel

With a stylish design that's both comfortable and functional, the steering wheel is the perfect complement to the rest of NEW COOLRAY's interior. Plus, with advanced antibacterial technology and 4-way adjustment, it's designed to keep you healthy and comfortable on even the longest drives.

Double Screen

The 10.25-inch full LCD instrument panel and 12.3-inch display screen design provide
a futuristic and intuitive driving experience, with all the information you need right at your fingertips.

Sport Electronic Shift Lever

NEW COOLRAY's sport electronic shift lever is designed to make your driving experience as seamless as possible.
With intelligent monitoring that prevents false P/R shifting and automatic return in P gear, you can drive with peace of mind.



NEW COOLRAY's intelligent driving system includes features like lane keeping assistance, blind spot detection, and automatic parking assistance for a safer and more convenient driving experience.


Intelligent Cruise Control

NEW COOLRAY's intelligent cruise control (ICC) is designed to make driving more convenient and safe, with features like automatic acceleration and deceleration, and the ability to follow other vehicles at a safe distance.

Lane Keeping Assistance

Stay in control with NEW COOLRAY's lane keeping assistance (LKA), which combines a front camera and intelligent algorithms to keep you safely on the road. With automatic road edge detection and collision avoidance assistance, you can drive worry-free.

Blind Spot Detection

The blind spot detection system (BSD) in NEW COOLRAY utilizes advanced radar and camera technology to monitor the side and rear blind spots in real-time, providing drivers with an extra layer of safety and peace of mind.

Intelligent High Beam Control

NEW COOLRAY's intelligent high beam control system (IHBC) detects oncoming vehicles and automatically switches to low beam to avoid blinding other drivers, making nighttime driving safer and more comfortable.


Autonomous Emergency Braking

NEW COOLRAY's autonomous emergency braking system (AEB) uses advanced sensors and algorithms to detect potential collisions and provide timely alerts to the driver. If the driver fails to react in time, the system can automatically apply the brakes to avoid or minimize the impact.




Charge your smartphone on-the-go with NEW COOLRAY's wireless charging feature, With a high-power fast-charging of 15W, you will never run out of battery.


The foreign object detection system improves the accuracy of metal foreign object and temperature detection, ensuring safe and efficient charging.



NEW COOLRAY's faux suede multifunction seats are designed with comfort in mind.


The ergonomic design offers support in all the right places, while the heating and ventilation functions keep you comfortable in any weather.



The automatic A/C in NEW COOLRAY provides a comfortable environment for passengers with its intelligent temperature control system.


With automatic climate control, the temperature is automatically adjusted, while the rear air outlet optimizes the airflow throughout the vehicle.



With a height of up to 1.83 meters and a maximum opening of 74.8 degrees, the liftgate in NEW COOLRAY allows for easy loading and unloading of cargo.


Key, IP button, and tailgate button offer easy and flexible ways to open the liftgate.


540° HD panoramic camera to observe around and under the vehicle to ensure safe parking and driving.

With its high-strength steel frame, NEW COOLRAY is built to withstand impact and protect you in the event of a collision.

NEW COOLRAY's 6 airbag system offers occupants comprehensive and flexible protection during collisions.


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