Inspired by the strength and natural beauty of the mountains. Combined with the elegance of modern luxury.
Premium and radiant
Rich and luxurious surface with precise features
Central pulse grille and balanced structure
Rear-crossing pulse matrix taillights

Purely layered with the best momentum, with inspiration from the beauty of nature.



A calm and spacious interior environment to ensure physical and mental relaxation.

IMAX panoramic screen for an interactive in-car experience anytime, and anywhere.

Design with winged suede eyelet and pearl stitching.



Max. Torque


4 Wheel Drive

With MONJARO's intelligent technology and features,

the human-vehicle interaction has never been so efficient.

Head-Up Display

The head-up display projects useful information such as your speed limit, navigation, and driver assistance warnings. It shows information exactly where you need it – directly in the line of sight.

Adaptive Cruise Control

The adaptive cruise control (ACC) is the perfect assistance to help you in different scenarios, from traffic jams in the city, to long trips on the highway. The adaptive cruise control adjusts the speed automatically, to help maintaining a safe following distance and stay within the speed limit.

Lane Keeping Assist

The Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) provides automatic steering to continually keep the vehicle at the center of the lane. This will make sure that you will not unintentionally cross the lane, maintaining an efficient driving and guaranteeing safety when overtaking vehicles.

Autonomous Parking Assistance

After the vehicle recognizes the parking space, the Autonomous Parking Assistance (APA) will complete the parking automatically. The system can recognize different parking modes (horizontal, vertical, and oblique) to assist in every parking situation.



Each part in MONJARO has been designed to

provide the passengers with the maximum amount of safety.

The 540° camera will allow you to have a better view of what is happening around and below your MONJARO.

The blind spot detection prevents collisions when other vehicles are in your blind spots.
Advanced emergency braking monitors the road ahead and will stop the car if the driver fails to intervene.
Rear crossing traffic alert warns you if vehicles or pedestrians are approaching behind the vehicle.
The pictures and data are for reference only. Please refer to the actual vehicle in your country/region.



This page displays Geely Auto models sold in the overseas markets. Models across different regions and countries may differ in exterior appearance, interior design, configuration, etc. Please contact your local authorized dealership for more details.