With the industry-leading three-power technology, GEOMETRY C can easily cope with a variety of car scenarios, creating an extraordinary long battery life and driving range.



Energy density of battery pack
WLTP range
Battery pack energy

The high-density, and large-capacity battery pack brings full energy to Geometry C.

The high-efficiency three-in-one electric drive system greatly reduce volume and number of parts.

Up to 30% range during driving from the IBOOSTER energy recovery system.

With the platinum super fast charging, it takes only 42 minutes to complete 80% of charging for the 460 KM (WLTP range).


GEOMETRY C was designed to deliver a futuristic look. With its body design, the whole vehicle is more sci-fi, simple and fashionable, reflecting the unique design aesthetics.

Black sports roof + colorful body.
Brilliant design!
IMAX panoramic sunroof
Blade-shaped headlamp
Through-type feather-shaped taillight
Flush door handle

Multiple intelligent driving assistance systems allow users to enjoy a pleasant driving.

540°AR Chassis View

The 540°AR chassis perspective helps you to reduce accidents allowing you to view the vehicle from all the directions and see blind spots under the vehicle.

Adaptive Cruise Control

The adaptive cruise control is the best aid for you in a variety of situations, from city traffic jams to long highway drives. Our adaptive cruise control automatically modifies the speed to help keep a safe following distance and adhere to the speed limit.

Lane Keeping Assist

It provides automatic steering to maintain the car's position in the middle of the lane. This will ensure that you don't accidentally cross the lane, allowing you to drive more effectively and safely when passing other cars.

Blind Spot Detection

The blind spot detection system greatly reduce accidents by monitoring the rear blind area in real time and warning if there are other cars or motorcycles in your blind spot.


Provides automatic steering to continually center the vehicle in its lane.

The intelligent ecological cockpit perfectly combines technology

and intelligence to bring users a warm driving experience.

The AQS air ecological filtration system creates a pure breathing space in your car.

The 12.3-inch touch screen helps you to make your driving experience more pleasant.

HUD projection digital display system improves driving safety and user experience.





Maximum power
Maximum torque
0 - 100 km/h



This page displays Geely Auto models sold in the overseas markets. Models across different regions and countries may differ in exterior appearance, interior design, configuration, etc. Please contact your local authorized dealership for more details.