EMGRAND's design was made with the modern customer in mind. Not only the new style design is fashionable but also creates a wider car with more space and better stability. 

4th Generation Design

EMGRAND's design highlights the best section visual position with its balanced belt line, taillight design and central control which we call as the golden section ratio.

Rhythmic Tail Lights

The EMGRAND is equipped with rear tail lights that has 190 LEDs. This gives you a unique through type taillight design and greeting lights once you lock or unlock the vehicle.

Wide Body Styling

The style design not only is fashionable but also makes the car bigger and spacious which will yield to better stability.

LED Headlights

The EMGRAND comes with LED headlights that will give you more visibility on the road.

Front Grille

Designed to be progressive. The energy pulse front grille provides lateral visual looks that will make you stand out from the rest.

17-Inch Wheels

The 17-inch alloy wheels features a dynamic “wind-turbine” look design that gives a strong impression.

Luxurious Interior

Through-type technological center console made of suede interior with mix of blue-grey shade.

85% of interior is made of soft-touch materials.

HD Digital Instrument Screen

Provides you 27 driving information that will help you monitor your drive.

HD Infotainment Screen

With the HD infotainment screen, accessing entertainment and information will be such a breeze.

Elegant Suede Zero Pressure Seats

Upscale seats that will make your drive more comfortable.

Back Seats Space

Interior space is more spacious and comfortable, thanks to the wide body design of the EMGRAND.


With its intelligent technologies, EMGRAND will keep you safe and comfortable during your trip.
Air Conditioning System

Intelligent AC system and CN95 filters give you quality air inside the cabin.

6 SRS Airbags

EMGRAND is equipped with front driver/passenger and side curtain airbags for reliable safety protection.

Seating Monitoring System

The intelligent seating monitoring system reminds you to check the seats before you get off the vehicle.

Electronic Stability Program

Equipped with the leading Bosch 9.3 ESP System.


Electric Side Mirrors

Electronically adjust and fold the side mirrors for comfort and convenience.

Functional Steering Wheel

Made from constant temperature materials and thermal insulators for that comfortable hand grip on the steering wheel.



Emgrand BMA 2 - M
Emgrand BMA 1 - M
The first sedan from the BMA Platform that provides more space, stability, power, and comfort of your car.

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