We improved the design of the AZKARRA by giving it a muscular and sleek

visual identity that makes it refined and distinguished on the road.


Expanding Cosmos Grille

More pronounced and impactful. The front faced and curved surface design shows our strong brand DNA.



Refined Body Lines

AZKARRA's body lines make it sleek and impactful.


Layered LED Taillights

Layered design and LEDs make the AZKARRA's taillights safer and brighter.


Dynamic Muscle Lines

Strong yet elegant, the dynamic muscle lines of the AZKARRA create a sense of power and impact.

Diamond LED Headlamps

Automatic headlamps with 220m illumination distance and 50,000h lifetime.


Humanized Space

7 inch LCD instrument cluster

12.3 inch high-definition infotainment screen

Azkarra Panoramic Sunroof - M
Azkarra Cockpit - M
Azkarra Leather Seats - M
Azkarra Tailgate - M
Azkarra Wireless Charging - M


AZKARRA comes equipped with the latest intelligent driving features to guarantee safety on the road and make every journey comfortable and convenient. 
Adaptive Cruise Control

Enjoy autonomous driving with ACC feature which provides you with adaptive cruise, auto follow, and active brake.

Adaptive Cruise, Auto-Follow and Active Brake
can adjust the speed of your AZKARRA automatically.

Auto-Follow and Turn works with a turning radius
of the road of more than 250m.


Lane Keeping Assist

The LKA provides an automated steering to center the vehicle in its lane.

High-Beam Control

Automatically dim your head lights from high beam to low beam to avoid dazzling other cars or pedestrians.

Autonomous Emergency Braking

AZKARRA's autonomous emergency braking system keeps track of the vehicle ahead and will automatically halt the vehicle in emergency situations.


360 Degree Camera

A full view of your surroundings with a full 3D display, 100W HD pixel display, and wide view.


The AZKARRA is equipped with a 48 Electric Motor Synergy Mild Hybrid System

which makes the engine stronger, fuel-efficient, and comfortable.



The 48V Electric Motor Synergy will reduce consumption levels and give you a more pleasant and dynamic driving experience.

1.5T Engine

With the 1.5 Turbo Charged Direct Injection Engine, you'll get the power you need with none of the lag. The turbine intervenes at 1000 rpm, and with an early power burst, the car will have more power in a more linear way.

1.5TD Engine

The 7 Wet Dual-Clutch Transmission can provide improved transmission efficiency with its high speed shift capability.

7DCT Transmission


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