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Geely Auto Unveils New Brand Strategy Ahead of Beijing Auto Show 2014


April 18, 2014, Beijing –GeelyAutomobile Holdings Limited (“Geely Auto” or the “Company”) today announced itsnew brand strategy ahead of the 13th Beijing International AutomobileExhibition (“Beijing Auto Show”). The Company also unveiled the Emgrand CrossConcept PHEV (“Emgrand Cross”), a concept car designed to showcase itsdeepening research and expertise in new energy vehicles (“NEV”) and new designlanguage.


To cater to the needs of customers and leverage itsbrand heritage, Geely Auto will overhaul its current brand strategy, shiftingits focus to enhance a single Geely brand, having previously operated threesub-brands, Emgrand, Gleagle and Englon. The ‘One Geely’ brand will enrich GeelyAuto’s product portfolio, enhance product differentiation, optimisedistribution channels, and improve the Company’s interaction with customers. Anew generation of vehicles will be produced under the Geely brand, based on GeelyGroup’s KC, compact modular architecture (CMA) and framework extendable (FE)platforms. Emgrand will remain as a product series under the Geely brand.


Sun Xiaodong, vice president of Zhejiang Geely HoldingGroup (“Geely Group”), said, “The ‘One Geely’ brand is founded on the strategy of ‘platformisation’ and ‘universalisation’,which places three platforms under one unified brand. We believe the newapproach to the Geely brand will enhance its value, while facilitating morecoordinated growth across the markets in which we operate with economies ofscale that maximise the efficiency of our R&D function. Our overriding goalis to provide customers with the safest, most environmentally-friendly, and mostenergy-efficient products possible.”


The Emgrand Cross, displayed for the first time at today’spress conference, is the second concept car to come out of Geely Group’sShanghai Design Centre. Built on Geely Group’s FE platform, the car uses a 65kW+ 40kW dual-motor system and a 10kWh power battery. It is capable of acceleratingfrom zero to 100km/h in ten seconds, and has a top speed of 190km/h. Producingjust 46g of carbon dioxide per kilometre travelled, the Emgrand Cross can coverdistances of up to 650km on a single charge and 50km on its pure-electricsetting. Geely Auto expects the Emgrand Cross to hit the market in the latterhalf of 2015.




Peter Horbury, Geely Group’s senior vice president ofdesign, said, “The Emgrand Cross follows in the footsteps of its predecessor,the KC, and its combination of sleek design and high performance represent anotherstep forward for the Geely brand. We will continue to leverage Geely Holding Group’sdesign centres in Shanghai, Gothenburg, Barcelona and Los Angeles to constructthe latest design language and build a global design concept. Our aim is to designa new generation of vehicles that meet and lead consumer needs.”


The new concept car is a testament to the progressGeely Auto has made in new energy vehicles. Focusing on both hybrid fuel-electricand plug-in hybrid technologies, Geely Auto has made new energy vehicles acentral pillar of its long-term growth strategy. Its hybrid technology willadopt a GL-ESD power split system characterised by its combination ofefficiency, structuralsophistication and low cost.


An Conghui, president and CEO of Geely Holding Group,added, “We are proud to see Geely Auto open a new chapter in its development. Inthe future, we’ll make the greatest possible use of the significant resourceswithin Geely Group to strengthen the synergies between Geely Auto and VolvoCars. We aim to build the Group into an influential automotive enterprise withan R&D capability and design and procurement systems that can compete on aglobal scale.”