Forty years of challenges and successes, of rain and shine. Forty years of unforgettable moments. Step by step we’ve arrive where are today, and step by step we will go forth into the bright future.

Forty years ago today, China kicked off its economic reforms which laid the foundation for the country’s current development and progress.

It was thanks to the historic opportunities presented over the past forty years of reform that Geely was able to come into reality from an unthinkable dream, from small to large, from weak to strong, from a small village to all of China and now the world. Without the forty years of reform and opening up, private entrepreneurs would never have been able to enter the automotive industry, Geely would never have been able to exist.

Now on the forty anniversary of the reforms and opening up of China, one hundred outstanding contributors to the success of China today has been commended at The Great People’s Hall. Among them, Geely Holding Group Chairman Li Shufu has been recognized for his contribution and for being a pioneer in the automotive industry.

Throughout these forty years, many unforgettable moments have become turning points in Geely and China’s reform and opening up history. From young man starting his first business shooting photos on his bicycle to a technology-based global enterprise, from a nation of farmers to the world’s largest economy, step by step we have arrived to where we are today, and step by step will we advance towards the bright future.

Here’s some of the unforgettable moments in Geely’s history made possible from China’s 40 years of reform and opening up.


A young Li Shufu took his first steps as an entrepreneur riding his bicycle, shooting portraits of locals and offering them for sale if they like it.


Li Shufu took his second step as an entrepreneur and first as a manufacturer starting a factory making refrigerator and air conditioner parts and later complete refrigerators in a nearby village. His independent innovation in the manufacturing process led the small village factory to quickly expand and become the largest employer in Taizhou.


The first Geely group enterprise was founded as a China’s first manufacturer of magnesium-aluminum decorative boards used in construction. The domestically produced products quickly dominated the market.


Geely took its first step in mobility as a producer of the first producers of mopeds in China. The demand for the product become the spark igniting the motorcycle frenzy in China that lasted a decade.


Geely Group established marking Geely’s transformation from a single business entity to a multi-business group.


Geely enters the automotive industry as China’s first private automaker and starts learning to build cars. Geely first ever car was hand built by Li Shufu and Geely engineers as they studied how to manufacture cars.


Geely Auto first mass produced car rolls off the factory line in Linhai, Taizhou breaking the monopoly of state-owned and foreign imports in the Chinese vehicle market.


Beijing Geely University was founded to help train much needed talents in the Chinese automotive industry and society.


Geely Auto’s second model Meiri launched from the factory in Ningbo. Geely Auto employees proclaim “Although we’re newcomers in the industry, we’re like a new born baby, quick to learn, quick to grow, quick to become strong.”


Geely Auto becomes the first private automaker in China have its products listed in the national registry and allowed to be sold nationally.


Geely Auto becomes publically listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange


Geely Auto becomes the first Chinese automaker to be invited to the Frankfurt Auto Show.


Geely signs an agreement with London Taxi to jointly produce the famous London Taxis in Shanghai.


Geely Auto formally announce their transition away from competing on “low prices” to “advanced technology, quality, service, and leadership.”


Geely acquires 100% ownership of Volvo Cars and related assets (including IP) becoming the first global automotive group from China.


Geely establishes China Euro Vehicle Technology in Sweden to develop next generation vehicle architectures and other technologies for Geely Auto and Volvo Cars.


Geely fully acquires the London Taxi Company later renamed London Electric Vehicle Company


Geely Auto launch its first high-end model, Bo Rui and enters its “refined cars era” with an updated mission of “Making Refined Cars for Everyone.”


Geely announce its 250 million pound investment to build a high-tech, modern, new factory for London Taxi Company producing the next generation zero-emission London Taxis and commercial vehicles. The new factory in Coventry is also home to Geely Auto’s UK R&D center focused on lightweight and electric technologies.


Geely Auto announce its “Blue Geely Initiative” which aims to have 90% of Geely Auto sales coming from new energy vehicles by 2020. The announcement marks Geely Auto’s transition towards intelligent and green technologies.


CAOCAO ride hailing service is launched by Geely becoming the first private ride-hailing service in China committed to only using Geely Auto’s emission-free electric vehicles.


Geely Auto models selected as official vehicles for the G20 Summit in Hangzhou.


Geely launches Lynk & Co, a global premium brand jointly owned by Geely Auto and Volvo Cars.


Geely acquires a 49.9% stake in Malaysian national car maker PROTON and 51% stake in UK luxury sports brand Lotus. Geely Auto will assist in the revitalization of PROTON and Malaysia.


The first foreign-made Geely Auto refined cars era model, Bo Yue SUV rolls of the factory line in Geely Auto’s newly built Belarus factory.


Geely Auto officially release its GKUI (Global Key User Interface), an open smart ecosystem for connected vehicles.


PROTON launches their new X70 SUV based on Geely Auto’s best-selling refined cars era smart SUV Bo Yue.