The A PRO is out, the shackles are off.

The Geometry A was released in 2019 as the first car of Geometry, the pure-electric sub-brand of Geely Auto. As an electric car designed for urban living, it was widely adopted in its home market of China including as a taxi on Geely’s own ride-hailing service CaoCao.

Much like its parent company of Geely Auto, Geometry makes it a priority to listen to customer feedback and act on this feedback to improve its vehicles. This has led to the release of the Geometry A PRO, a car that has built on the strengths of the original Geometry while also adding some entirely new tech and features into the mix.

Besides some minor aesthetic changes (the roof element of the PRO is now solid black), most of what is new in the PRO cannot be seen – it is inside the car in the form of hardware and features. The most significant of these changes would be the upgrade to the batteries, both in size and performance. The new PRO is available in both 430 and 600 models, referring to the NEDC range of the new batteries, which are 430km and 630 respectively. While the original intention of the Geometry A was as an urban mobility vehicle, this extended battery range has freed the car from the constraints of the city, making trips to neighbouring cities and provinces a breeze. In addition to a battery size upgrade, performance has also been improved to reduce total battery volume by 20% (new efficiency of 183.23Wh/KG).

Intelligent software continually monitors battery usage while driving to give an accurate reading of the remaining battery life. The car carries the latest generation of Bosch’s ibooster energy recovery system with Energy Recovery Plus that can increase battery endurance by up to 30% in urban driving situations through regenerative breaking and energy reduction – when was the last time your car went the extra mile?

The Geometry A PRO has an engine that generates 150kw of power and 310 nm of torque, which give at a 0-100km/h time of 6.9 seconds. This might not seem much when compared to higher-priced EVs, but for navigating traffic and for a quick burst of speed it is more than enough.

With EVs, the question is often raised of their ability to handle extreme weather – many countries, including the brand’s native China, have both ends of the extreme weather spectrum. The PRO is equipped with industry-leading two-way intelligent heat pump technology to vastly improve battery performance in hot and cold climates, increasing battery life by 10% when compared to old forms of battery management in EVs.

As for safety, a ‘Three Ring’ safety system offers exceptional strength and has been designed to prevent essential components like batteries from becoming misshapen or squeezed in the event of a collision. Much like Geely Auto, all of Geometry’s vehicles are fitted with CN95 filters to protect occupants from airborne viruses.

Geometry has plans to export the A PRO later this year.