Geely Auto’s Bo Yue SUV has collectively sold over 1 million units globally since its introduction in late 2016.

The Bo Yue SUV was nicknamed ‘The Most Beautiful SUV’ when it was first launched by Chinese media and consumers alike when it was first launched in 2016. This love affair has now grown into a million global consumers with the Bo Yue being sold in over 17 countries across the world, including Russia, Eastern Europe, South America, Africa and South-East Asia.

The Bo Yue was one of the first models in the Chinese market to be equipped with intelligent connectivity that allowed users to interact remotely with the model and also prompt it with questions and commands (“Nihao Bo Yue”), which quickly became one of its most frequently-used functions.

When Geely Auto and PROTON struck their cooperation agreement in 2017, the Bo Yue was one of the first models that would undergo joint development to be adapted into the Proton X70 for Malaysia. “Nihao Bo Yue” quickly became “Hello Proton” where again, the magic that happened in China was repeated in Malaysia, helping PROTON to transition itself into becoming a technology and value-driven brand in Malaysia as well as the wider ASEAN market.

After averaging over 20,000 units per month for the past three and a half years, the Bo Yue shows no signs of slowing down either in China or globally. In the Chinese market, the 1.8T model has been updated to create the Bo Yue Pro, known as the Azkarra in value-driven overseas markets. The Bo Yue Pro (and Azkarra) now also offers a highly unique hybrid model using the 1.5T and an electrified rear axle to give it AWD and with it an extra boost in power. To celebrate the Bo Yue reaching a million units, a ‘Million Model’ version has been created for a limited time only with a 1.8T offering 184bhp.

Although the Bo Yue may have been born a domestic Chinese SUV, its success outside of China has made it a global powerhouse, with success in all of the markets it sells in. As for the future only time will tell, but if its track record is anything to go by we can expect great things.