And the award for best car in a supporting role goes to…

The big screen has seen it all: Herbie, the talking car in the movie of the same name; James Bond’s various Aston Martins geared up with mine launchers and machines guns; or even the time-travelling DeLorean of the Back to the Future series. Cars sometimes play an integral role in movies, including in the ones we know and love – they provide action in the form of chases, a set for dialogue, and in some cases as an important character in the plot.

Geely Auto, too, has had its fair share of onscreen appearances, from the big screen in Asia to the living room televisions of Europe. Here are some of the moments Geely Auto’s cars have been immortalized through TV series and film.

Pandas on the move in Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror

Black Mirror (UK, 2011-present) – Panda

Yes, you read that correctly – Geely’s infamous Panda was featured in an episode of Black Mirror. We are very proud of our Panda (also sold as the Geely LC in some countries), which began production in 2010 and was China’s first locally researched and developed car to be awarded a 5-star C-NCAP rating.

As for why it appeared in Black Mirror, a British dystopian sci-fi TV series that often focuses on society’s relationship with technology, we can only assume this is down to the Panda’s futuristic design, which was clearly way ahead of its time.

Lost in Russia (China, 2020) – Xingyue

There are certainly worse vehicles to get lost in – the Xingyue

The Lost in series is extremely popular in its home market of China, where the first in the series, Lost in Thailand, became the highest-grossing film of all time when it was released. The third movie in the series, Lost in Russia, follows a character as he (yes, you’ve guessed it) gets lost in Russia.

And what better car to aid an intrepid explorer than the brand’s crossover SUV, the Xingyue (Tugella), Geely’s first car to be based on the CMA platform. The 235hp 2.0 turbocharged model is used by the protagonist in one of the movie’s chase scenes (which he escapes from, duh).

Singam 2 (India, 2013) – Geely CK

The Geely CK (or “Freedom Ship” as it was known in the Chinese market) was exported far and wide; it was also the first Chinese automobile ever displayed at an American auto show. One of many of its on-screen appearances is in a film of Indian origin, the second Singam, an action-thriller with the usual dosage of corruption, guns and car chases. The CK was a key element in some of the chase scenes, where a number were smashed (most certainly the OTHER guy’s fault).

The CK is one of Geely’s most featured vehicles, starring in productions from India, New Zealand, America and Russia.

What a waste of a perfectly good Freedom Ship

Tiger Wants to Marry (China, 2010)

Even Geely’s earliest cars are on the silver screen – the romantic comedy Tiger Wants to Marry featured Geely’s very first production vehicle, the Haoqing. While the car was already over 10 years old at the time of this performance, we feel this is just a testament to the car’s longevity. As with most romantic comedies, the two central characters end up together – we can’t help but think this is partially down the car that the male protagonist drove…

Geely’s cars have been featured on the big screen for decades. While they haven’t always been in the most desirable roles (being smashed into by a Land Rover, for example), they have held their own when it counted. Although there aren’t awards given to cars for onscreen performances, if there was, one of the above would be deserving of the at least a nomination.