As we move into the new year, let us reflect on the key moments from 2020.

As we look back at 2020, there are many lessons that we can take from a year which had a huge impact on the entire globe. For better or for worse, all industries were affected as the world reeled from the worst pandemic in recent years. As the world begins to heal, those companies and industries that made it through are beginning to find their feet again as they rebuild in the coming year.

Geely Auto, as manufacturer of private transportation, was affected in a number of ways. Domestically, China was put under stringent lockdown very early. This saw a huge drop in sales for the month of February. During this time the brand decided to react to the ongoing situation by providing an outlet for those wishing to buy private transportation during this sensitive period: a combination of strengthened online buying platforms and even the delivery of keys for new purchases done via drone meant people could still make purchase without putting themselves or the staff at Geely showrooms at risk.

A V-shaped recovery

With Chinese lockdown measures so severe and international borders closed, the virus subsided in short time. While things were far from back to normal people were able to drive and, in the wake of everything that had happened, people were eager to invest in personal transportation rather than travel using public modes of transport. This meant a fast, V-shaped recovery for sales in the following months, back to, and exceeding the sales of previous years – by April, Geely Auto’s total sales figures had surpassed that of April in the previous year, and the following months saw large YOY increases (20% in May, 21% in June) as things got back to normal and the economy began to regain its pace. At the end of the year, 2020’s total sales fell slightly short of those of the previous year – a remarkable achievement considering everything that happened.

The best of 2020

For the second year running, Geely Auto’s Boyue SUV gained the top spot as sales leader of the brand’s models. This has led to it being exported overseas where it is sold in a number of markets, and its adaptation into PROTON’s X70 in the Malaysia market, where it has become the country’s best-selling SUV.

In second place, was the New Emgrand, a mid-sized family sedan with huge popularity in Geely’s native China, and in third the Coolray, the sporty crossover SUV that is currently being exported into a number of markets, including most recently the Philippines. (Geely Auto’s Coolray has also been adapted to the newest offering in PROTON’s range, the X50.)

Going green

Geely Auto’s parent company Geely Holding Group understands the transition towards an electrified future will not happen overnight, but rather with small incremental changes that offer consumers great value and practicality without a heavy burden on the environment. As part of this, Geely Auto is using the group’s vast resources to electrify its vehicle lines in varying ways, from MHEV all the way through to pure electric. Two of the brand’s top selling electrified vehicles came in the form of mild hybrids – offering electrification without the need to charge, as many places still lack necessary infrastructure.

The remaining three tops spaces all came from Geely Auto’s pure electric sub-brand, Geometry. Geometry has plans to begin exports of its Geometry C later this year.

The year ahead

As the world’s economy begins to find its feet, Geely Auto feels confident of the year ahead as many of its overseas markets take practical measures to restart their respective economies. Geely Auto has hopes that while domestic market sales will grow, the rest of the world will return to normality and so has set an ambitious, but entirely achievable annual target of 1.53 million – an increase of 16% from last year.