• Geely Icon received over 30,000 pre-orders before official launch
  • Product driven design takes Geely design in a new direction
  • Fully electrified 48V BSG powertrain available – the first in its segment
  • Geely ICON first model series to be launched with N95 air filtration certification.

2020 February 24, Hangzhou. Geely Auto officially launched its latest compact SUV, the Geely ICON, earlier today in a completely online launch that was watched by millions across China. The highly anticipated model received over 30,000 orders in the hours leading up to its launch through online preordering, showcasing the demand for the model.

The Geely ICON stays true to the avant-garde minimalistic analog-inspired design shown in Geely’s Concept ICON that was showcased at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show. Breaking from the traditional SUV design trend, Geely ICON designers used a “less is better” design ethos to move towards a purer more 8-bit analog form. From the onset, the ICON has been a globally designed model with input from Geely’s five global design centres, including an exterior that was developed in Geely’s California design studio and an interior that was developed in Geely’s Barcelona studio with both being revised and brought to completion in Geely’s Shanghai studio.

The minimalistic design used on the Geely Icon also represents Geely’s vision for the future of design which the brand envision will see a return to design fundamentals. The Icon, as a futuristic model that bridges the present and future, subtle elements of time has been worked into the Icon’s design.

On the exterior, the arrangements of the headlamps has been patterned after an infinity loop, a symbol of time, creating a unique split design. The arrangement is not only visually appealing it has also improved lighting efficiency by 30% and extends road visibility to 165m.

While being visually minimalistic, the ICON has put a focus on technology; intelligent flushed door handles pop out when users approach and retract when they leave, helping the ICON maintain a clean visual image while in motion or parked.

Inside the ICON, the minimalistic analog-inspired design helps give the cabin a futuristic sci-fi feel. The symbol of time is once again visually present in the design form of the air vents and central console. Dual interactive 10.25 inch screens, an information panel and central infotainment console dominate the dashboard. From the two interiors screens and mobile devices, users can interact with ICON and connect to the world through the GKUI Geely Smart Ecosystem.

The Geely Icon is the first in its segment to make use of 48V mild hybrid technologies that bring fuel consumption down to new lows of 5.7L per 100km. The 48V system is paired with Geely Auto’s leading 1.5T engine that offers 130kWh of power and 255Nm of torque in base form, the addition of the 48V system provides a further 10kWh of power and 45Nm of torque giving a total of 140kWh and 300Nm of torque. The Icon also uses Geely Auto’s 7 Speed Dual Clutch Transmission to bring the Icon from 0-100km in 7.9 seconds.

Along with a trend-setting design, the ICON also comes with benchmark-setting smart technologies. Geely ICON comes equipped with industry leading L2+ intelligent driving technologies enabled by its 12 ultrasonic radars, millimeter wave radar, and 5 high-def cameras. It features ICC intelligent cruise control, LKA lane keep assistance, AEB-P automatic emergency braking and pedestrian recognition, APA one-button automatic parking, etc.

In terms of safety, ICON improves on Geely’s 360 ° safety identification circle by an additional 180°. On top of being able to see a 360° panoramic image of the vehicle on the interior screens, the driver is also presented with a 180° view from the side, front, or rear of the car, effectively eliminating all blind spots from the drivers view.

In response to the new Coronavirus epidemic, Geely Auto developed in record time, a new Intelligent Air Purification System (IAPS) that is N95 certified. This highly efficient air purification system works in tandem with the ICON’s air conditioner to isolate and eliminate harmful elements in the cabin air including bacteria and viruses.

Speaking online at the ICON launch event, Geely Auto Group President and CEO, An Conghui said “Geely ICON’s launch not only showcases the core strength of Geely’s global development network, it also shows our forward thinking and demonstrates the high-tech digital future we are all moving toward. It represents Geely’s leap from merely meeting user demands to creating leading trends. Just as the Geely ICON will become a new icon for global SUVs, Geely Auto will also become an icon in terms of automotive technologies and global auto brands”

Geely ICON At a Glance