The newest variation of Geely’s bestselling range comes with a fresh new look and specification to match. 

On the final day of 2021, Geely Auto released a new edition of its best-selling series, the Emgrand, incorporating the brand’s new design language as well as a variety of updated tech, functionality, comforts, and safety features. Here’s everything you need to know about the Emgrand L. 

The Car – the right foundation 

The Emgrand series, which includes ICE, hybrid and pure EV variants, has gained huge success globally for offering a highly competitive package. The Emgrand range offers high levels of tech, comprehensive safety ratings and driver comforts at great value, making some editions of the car bestsellers in Geely Auto’s home market. The original Emgrand EC7 was the first Chinese sedan model to score 4 stars in the E-NCAP as well as 5-stars in the C-NCAP in 2011. 

The standard Emgrand is currently in its 4th generation, and still faces huge demand. The new Emgrand L is a variant of this, with some new unique design elements from the brand’s “Vision Starburst” explorations, and modified features using the most up-to-date hardware and software available as the car embodies its slogan of being “high specification only.” 

The Design Language – A fresh new look  

Similar to Geely Auto’s Boyue X, the new Emgrand L uses a best-selling car as a base but has updated both its interior and exterior look with the brand’s newest “Vision Starburst” design language, first unveiled in June 2021. This newest manifestation incorporates the new design elements onto the sedan to create a fresh new look. 

The most obvious addition to the exterior is the X-shaped “Starburst” grille, an intricately-designed single piece consisting of over 3,000 individual surfaces, creating an effect of energy bursting outwards and adding dynamic energy to the model’s appearance. 

At the back, the taillight ensures a grand exit: rear light clusters are made up of a total of 258 LEDs, with a rear light bar that extends the width of the car, a total of 2041mm long.  

The Tech – under the hood 

In keeping with the car’s mission of being “only high spec”, the car is only offered in higher-specification packages to reflect its status as a flagship for the brand’s new look. It is fully connected, capable of FOTA (firmware-over-the-air) updates, and L2 autonomous driver functions such as ACC (adaptive cruise control) and emergency braking for both vehicles and pedestrians (AEB and AEB-P).  

The vehicle’s brain, like that of the Boyue X, is powered by Geely’s new Milky Way OS that utilizes a new generation E02 high-performance CPU chip from Geely-invested subsidiary, SiEngine Technology Co., Ltd. This chip, which boasts an 8-core processor, is more than capable of delivering the necessary processing power to the car’s various functions. 

For improved driver and passenger comfort, ELKA shocks are used to improve on-the-road feel, while new upgraded seats designed to ease pressure points reduce driver fatigue. The car comes with a 1.4T engine and 8CVT transmission combination. 


The newest Emgrand comes with a fresh new look that uses that brand’s “Starburst Vision” design language, but is more than just a pretty face. It also offers leading tech and engineering to create a package that is equally exciting, fresh and new to look at, as it is practical, comfortable and economical to drive.