Our History

Geely Auto 1.0 to 4.0 Eras

June 1997

Geely Auto enters the automobile industry with the vision of producing cars that ordinary people can afford, becoming China’s first privately-owned auto manufacturer. Products produced during this early period is known as 1st generation products.

August 1998

The first Geely Auto car (Haoqing) rolls off the assembly line in Linhai, Zhejiang.

April 2001

Geely Auto becomes the first privately-owned auto manufacturer officially listed on China’s automobile manufacturer index.

August 2003

The first batch of Geely Auto cars exported to overseas markets.

The first Geely car (Haoqing) rolls off the assembly line in Linhai, Zhejiang.

The media visited the new Geely Emgrand EC7 production line

May 2005

Geely Auto (0175 HK) officially listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

September 2005

Geely Auto debut appearance at the 61st Frankfurt Auto Show, a first for privately-owned Chinese brands.

October 2006

Geely Auto establish a joint venture with Manganese Bronze Holdings to produce the iconic London taxi in Shanghai.

May 2007

Geely Auto announce its entry into its 2.0 era with an increased focus on technology and quality.

November 2007

Geely Auto announced its “Go Global” Globalization Strategy with a promise to make the “safest, eco-friendliest, most energy-efficient cars that can be driven all over the world.”

November 2008

Geely Auto’s 2.0 era compact car “Panda” receives 5 star safety rating from C-NCAP.

March 2009

Geely acquires DSI, the world’s second largest maker of automatic transmissions.

July 2009

Geely Auto’s 2nd generation A-segment car, EC7 rolls off the line in Ningbo. The EC7 has since become the best representation of Geely’s transformation during the 2.0 era. It was highly praised by consumers and became the best-selling Chinese sedan with over 1 million units sold.

“Making Refined Cars for Everyone.”

Geely Auto 3.0 Era

March 2010

Zhejiang Geely Holding reached an agreement with Ford to completely acquire Volvo Cars and become the first Chinese multinational automotive group.

September 2013

Geely Auto and Volvo Cars announce the opening of the jointly run China Euro Vehicle Technology R&D Centre in Gothenburg, Sweden.

April 2014

Geely Auto announces its entry into its 3.0 era with a new brand mission and value proposition focusing on “Making Refined Cars for Everyone.”

October 2014

Geely Auto’s 1.3L Turbo engine is awarded “China Heart” as one of China’s top ten engines in 2014.

December 2014

Geely Auto’s first 3rd generation vehicle, the flagship sedan Emgrand GT designed by renowned car designer Peter Horbury is launched.

May 2015

Zhejiang Geely Holding Group’s London Taxi new factory opening ceremony was held in Coventry, UK. One of Geely Auto’s R&D Centres researching new energy is based in the new Coventry factory.

September 2015

Geely’s Emgrand GT is named the 2016 “China Car of the Year”, becoming the first Chinese brand to win the coveted award.

October 2015

Geely Auto’s 1.8L Turbo engine is awarded “China Heart” as one of China’s top ten engines in 2015.

November 2015

Geely Auto announces the Blue Geely Initiative promising that 90% of its vehicles sold by 2020 will be new energy vehicles using either hybrid or pure electric powertrains.

December 2015

Geely’s Emgrand GT set a new record for safety by receiving the highest score ever seen on the C-NCAP test.

China Euro Vehicle Technology R&D Centre

Geely Emgrand GT Launched

1.4T engine awarded “China Heart” award


Bin Yue launched


Geely Auto becomes Official Partner to 2022 Asian Games

March 2016

Geely Bo Yue Launched as part of its transition to SUV strategy to see the company utilize its strength in the sedan market to create a series of market leading SUVs.

December 2017

Geely new 1.4T engine awarded “China Heart” award and gains unanimous praise.

March 2018

Geely Auto is ranked 18th in Brand Finance’s 2018 report on the world’s most valuable automobile, auto component and tire brands.

May 2018

Geely unveil to the world its strategy in the new era of new energy vehicles with launch of smart hybrid flagship.

July 2018

Geely Auto unveils BMA, a new modular architecture for B-Segment compact cars.

October 2018

Geely Auto’s first compact SUV based on the new BMA architecture, the Bin Yue officially launched onto Chinese market.

March 2019

Geely Auto’s first family orientated MPV, called the Jia Ji, launched .

April 2019

Geely Auto Group’s first pure electric brand Geometry and its first model Geometry A was launched in Singapore.

April 2019

Geely Auto becomes Official Partner to 2022 Asian Games.

May 2019

Xing Yue officially launches at Geely Auto’s first production facility dedicated to producing Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) based vehicles marking the brand’s entry into its 4.0 “Advanced Geely” products era.

“Innovative Geely - Modular Manufacturing Era”

Geely Auto 4.0 Era

May 2019

Geely Auto Group formally opens a new research and development facility in Raunheim, Germany,

August 2019

Geely Auto launches its flagship Geely Atlas SUV 1.8TD onto the Russian market.

February 2020

Geely wins ‘COMPANYBEST’ at the annual Autobest Awards.

February 2020

Geely Auto launches full online car buying and home delivery service in China.

February 2020

Geely Auto officially launches its latest compact SUV, the Geely ICON.

March 2020

Geely Auto receives TÜV Rheinland recognition for in-car air purity system.

Research and development facility at Raunheim, Germany

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