Elsa Zhang

Director of CMF Design at Geely Design China

Graduated from East China University with a BA in Textile & Fashion Design and a MA in Art & Design, she has been working in the automotive colour, materials, and fabric (CMF) Design field for nearly 20 years. She always says that she is one of the luckiest for being able to do what she loves and enjoys all these years. For her, CMF Design is not just a job, but more an indispensable part of her life.

She believes that CMF Design is not a profession whose job is to make cars look good by applying fancy decorations, but rather a creative search for the best balance between technical capacity and emotional resonances with the end users. In her eyes, colours, textures, graphics, touches and smells, all possible design elements are like musical notes, melodies and beats, what she needs to do is to compose them into music which touches user hearts.

CMF Design is an emerging profession in China, designers can only acquire professional knowledge and skills through learning on the job. They need to observe consumer trends in other fields while paying attention to advancements in the automotive industry. They also have to keep abreast of the newest material technologies while constantly broadening their creative design vision. All these aspects of the profession are what fascinate her most.

Following an earlier foray into CMF Design at Shanghai VW and PSA Asia R&D Centre, she joined Geely Design China in 2017 as Director of CMF Design. Over-a-decade foreign OEM brand experience helped her transform Geely Design China into a platform which serves as a wonderful stage that gives full play to her talents and strengths. Rooted in profound Chinese traditional culture, guided by Geely brand spirits and design DNA, she has become a core member of Geely Design China’s creative team and is committed to make Geely the most appealing brand that others look up to.