Bo Rui GE

A Grand Evolution, Geely Smart Hybrid Flagship Sedan

A new era of electrification, connectivity, and intelligence is dawning on the automotive industry. The Bo Rui GE is leading the wave of technological transformation as Geely’s first smart hybrid flagship sedan.

Together with its “Accelerating through Time” design aesthetics, the Bo Rui GE represents a Grand Evolution bringing the latest science and technology from Geely’s iNTEC technologies into the mainstream

Inspired by the image of a world was racing against time and leaping into a new era, Geely Executive Vice President of Design, Peter Horbury developed the "Accelerating through Time" design concept for the Bo Rui GE.
Sharp Body

Made for a new generation of young consumers with a forward-looking attitude, the Bo Rui GE was design with a low and wide, sharp exterior body.

The overall design gives projects an image of forging ahead against wind or breaking through the waves in the water. The tension in the lines gives a visual effect as if it was a sprinter ready to break through time and space.

Geely Signature Expanding Cosmos Grille and "Eagle Eye" Headlights
Sharp-edged Exterior Like Water Under Tension
Fastback style and Twisting Chinese Fans Inspired Brakelights
The Bo Rui GE interior adopts a breakthrough integrated design that gives a visual effect of sitting in front of an IMAX screen. A new mainstream standard for technology, sportiness, and luxury has been set through the interior's "spaceship cockpit" configuration.
Starship Cockpit

The feeling of being in a starship cockpit can be experience in the Bo Rui GE interior.

Front Seats
Back Seats
A 12.3 inch high-definition central control panel supports multi-touch, voice control, and other functions.
A futuristic energy cube space supports wireless charging and provides spacious and practical storage.
On top of the dashboard lies a high-performance speaker inspired by the lotuses and bridges in Hangzhou's West Lake.
Driving mode can be changed with a simple turn of the knob in the central console.
Digital instrument panel
Aircraft cockpit inspired central controls
Smart Power
Two Hybrid Power Options

The Bo Rui GE has been made available with two hybrid power options.

The first is a PHEV that utilizes a 1.5TD + 7DCTH powertrain on top of an electric power system capable of 60km pure electric range. The hybrid powertrain offers enhanced performance and brings fuel consumption down to just 1.6L per 100km.

The second is a 48V mild hybrid using the same 1.5TD engine that brings fuel consumption down by 15% over the traditional gasoline version to just 5.8L per 100km. The 1.5TD engine with MHEV combined with a state-of-the-art 7DCT transmission surpasses the power performance and fuel economy of currently available 2.0T engines

Plug-in Hybrid
PHEV - At low speeds, pure electric power can be used for driving
PHEV - At higher speeds, both engine and electric power is used intelligently
PHEV - Electric power can be recharged through regenerative braking or by the engine when the battery is low
MHEV - Intelligent start-stop starts the engine in less than .3 seconds, reducing engine jitter and saving fuel
MHEV - The engine and electric power system works at the same time to increase fuel efficiency
MHEV - Electric power is recharged through regenerative braking and the engine
PHEV - The battery is compatible with 6.6kW, 3.3kW, or normal 220V charging systems. Full charge can be achieved in just 90 minutes with a fast charge system.
PHEV and MHEV - Both hybrid power options come equipped with Geely's latest high-efficiency 1.5TD engine
PHEV and MHEV - Matching the hybrid powertrains is Geely's 7DCT wet dual-clutch transmission made specially for hybrid power
Intelligent Drive
Intelligent Cruise Control allows drivers to follow vehicles ahead even through turns
Full-Speed Adaptive Cruise Control allows the car to maintain a steady speed or maintain a set distance between cars ahead between 0km/h-150km/h
Cameras monitoring road lanes to help keep the vehicle from drifting outside
Speed limit can be automatically identified and speed adjusted
Automated Park Assist can search for open parking spots and automatically park with the touch of a button
Comprehensive Safety
Automatic Emergency Braking is achieved with radar that detects dangers in front of the car and automatically brakes in an emergency
Ultrasonic radar monitors objects in the vehicle blindspot and warns drivers of any potential dangers
Through cameras and radar, the path of moving pedestrians and objects can be detected and predicted. If a collision is imminent, brakes will be applied automatically.
7 airbags provide all around protection in the worst case scenarios
Vehicle frame made up of high-strength steel engineered to provide passengers with 5-star safety

Dimensions L*W*H (mm) : 4986*1861*1513
Wheelbase (mm) : 2870
Fuel tank capacity (L) : 70
Engine : 1.5TD Three Cylinder Turbo Direct Injection
Displacement (cc) : 1477
Maximum power (KW/rpm) : 132/5500
Maximum torque (N.m/rpm) : 265/1500-4000
Hybrid power system : 48V BSG Intelligent Mild Hybrid System
Maximum combined power (kW) : 142
Maximum combined torque (N.m) : 300
Pure electric range (km) : N/A
Fuel consumption (Combined L/100km) : 5.8
0-100km/h acceleration (s) : 8.9
Emission standard : China V
Transmission : 7 Speed Wet Dual Clutch
Drive mode : Front Wheel Drive
Front/Rear suspension : Double Wishbone Independent Suspension / Multi-Link Suspension
Power steering type : Electric Power Steering
Front/rear brake : Vented Disc / Solid Disc


Fuel tank capacity (L) : 50
Engine : 1.5TD Three Cylinder Turbo Direct Injection
Hybrid power system : Plug-in Hybrid System
Maximum combined power (kW) : 192
Maximum combined torque (N.m) : 425
Pure electric range (km) : 60
Fuel consumption (Combined L/100km) : 1.6
0-100km/h acceleration (s) : 7.4
Transmission : 7 Speed Hybrid Wet Dual Clutch


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